For 16 weeks, you'll receive 6 to 8 seasonal vegetables – the best and freshest of what's available on the farm. It's a good fit for households of 1 to 3 people.

You can choose to pick up your box from The Wonder Building on Post Street on Saturdays from 9 am to 1 pm or you can choose delivery (fees apply) on Sundays. 

The approximate start date is June 12th however, because the weather can be volatile and directly affects whether our crops are ready, we will announce the exact start date for you share in your email newsletter (so be sure you’re receiving and reading those!).

If you will be out of town, we encourage you to send a friend or neighbor to pick up your share in your place. Unfortunately we cannot offer alternate pick up days as our schedule is truly jam-packed during the farming season. Thanks in advance for your understanding.

At the moment, we are unable to swap out or change any items in your box. Although, we hope to provide this in the coming years. If you are unsure about whether or not you are comfortable with receiving vegetables seasonally we encourage you to read "Is a CSA right for me?" below. You can also visit us at The Wonder Building to pick exactly what you might need. 


Joining a CSA is a big commitment and taking a few minutes can help you make the best decision for you & your family.

(Remember: we do CSA and Farmers Market both, so if CSA isn't the right fit for you but you still want to be a part of North Pine Farm, you can support our farm by frequenting the Farmer's Market. And if CSA feels like a good fit for you, we will be totally thrilled to welcome you to the CSA family!)


There’s something rewarding about knowing you are doing your part to support a local farmer. CSA is a great addition to your weekly routine that allows you to access great-tasting food AND to know the farmers whose livelihood relies on it.

Joining a CSA means that you are committed to staying with a specific farmer through an entire season, come thick and thin. Inherent in this arrangement is the understanding that there is risk in farming. Mother Nature is the real boss, and she may send scorching sun or pouring rain or bug plagues, and a certain crop may not appear in your share that season. On the flip side, there may be a bumper crop of tomatoes or cucumbers, and you’ll be swimming in the summer bounty.

CSA members live with and embrace this reality every day.

Their motivation for supporting the farm is just as much about having the back of the farmer as it is about getting the full financial value of the share.

Make sure you read that last sentence again. It’s kind of huge.

And this relationship goes both ways. When you join a CSA, your farmer will work to cultivate a connection with you. We try to add value to your life, by teaching you about the story of growing the food and how to prepare it.

So, where do you fall?

  • Yes, I care about knowing my farmer. 

  • No, it doesn’t really matter to me.  


CSAs will push you to try new foods & explore variety and seasonality in the kitchen. You will discover some veggies that you love. You’ll also discover some veggies you might have to learn to love.

Part of the CSA experience means getting exposed to a bunch of veggies you may have never seen before. We put them in your box but we will also teach you how to eat them. It’s all a part of the bigger goal in CSA of cultivating food diversity and teaching our communities (and our kids) how to eat seasonally again.

How do you feel about trying new veggies?

  • Yes, definitely into it.

  • Not sure I'm into it.


CSA members have to learn to be flexible with their weekly menu. We give you a few days notice about what will be in your box, but being willing to swap out ingredients and make things work in the kitchen makes the experience much smoother.

Some people love this kind of spontaneity—others get stressed by it.

Think hard on this: Are you willing to give up some control over what veggies you get each week? Or do you need to live by your plan?

If you really want to stick to your plan, you might be better off buying exactly what you want from the farmers market or a grocery store. The most common reason members leave the CSA is that they didn’t get enough of the things they wanted, and too much of what they didn’t want.

CSA works best for customers who see their kitchen as a creative space, and our veggies as the paint for their canvas.

How flexible do you feel when it comes to meal planning?

  • Yes, I can go with the flow. 

  • No, I need to stick to my plan.


CSA takes some time to see results. It can sometimes take a season or two to really master making the most of your CSA box every week. That means you could waste some food early on, as you go through your learning curve.

Come into this experience with an adventurous spirit and be forgiving of yourself if you fail to eat the whole box at first. It’s really hard to do.

Realize that if changing the way you eat is your goal, it takes some time to learn the skill sets. Set realistic goals for your first season, and work your way up to it. We’ll be there to help with tips & tricks and recipes every week of the season.

Are you ready to do the work?

  • Yes, I am IN for the whole CSA journey. 

  • No, I’m not quite sure this is my style.



We are so excited you've landed on our CSA page! We love growing food for our CSA members, the cornerstone of our farm’s community. CSA, in case you were wondering, stands for Community Supported Agriculture. When you become a CSA member, you are purchase a “share” of the vegetables that we grow on the farm that season.

When you join the CSA you become a part of our farm family, and this is a relationship we cherish and take seriously. You can expect delicious veggies, regular newsletters, and a real connection with your food & your farmers.

Please take a little time to explore your options here on our website, learning about CSA & deciding if the CSA lifestyle is for you. If it is, we will be totally thrilled to welcome you the family!


We spend much of our days with muddy hands in the fields. We prefer email or text but please leave a message if you call and we will get back to you ASAP. 


Location: Chattaroy, WA 

Phone: 509-435-8373